Claw Esports PUBG Mobile Roster Change


Just the day after the completion of Galaxy Challenge PUBG Mobile tournament, claw esports changed their roster. They announced on their Facebook page that their players “Pablo” and “AKgTaMyo” are no longer with the team.

Claw Esports Facebook Announcement

This could be the consequences of their poor performance at the Main Event of Galaxy Challenge. There were also other teams who were not satisfied with their performance because of the technical problems at main event.

Claw Esports is one of the favorites at the main event. They also recruited “Blizzard” and “Odin” before the tournament.

Claw Esports PUBGM Old Roster

“Pablo” and “AKgTaMyo” were the founding members of Claw Esports PUBG Mobile team and they were transferred from OG Stars team in February 2019. OG Stars was the champion of Huawei NYC 2018 Tournament. This is Claw’s first roster change since May.

PUBGM Tencent Community Battlegrounds

Recently, PUBG Mobile Developer Tencent hired Burmese employees for Myanmar community and they will organize the official tournament, Community Battlegrounds, for the first time. From now on, we can witness the strong rivalry between local team in Myanmar PUBG Mobile community.